Wire Wrapping

Wire Wrapping

The Wire Wrapping/Jewelry Making Special Interest Group (SIG) consists of members who want to focus on wire wrapping and various other jewelry making techniques. This special interest group is open to all members of TVGMS.

The SIG meets on the first and fourth Thursday of each month. At the fourth Thursday session a different project is taught each month. A list of materials is announced before each session and you can either bring your own or purchase them at cost from the trainer. We have a limited number of hand tools you can use to see if you like jewelry making before you incur the cost of purchasing your own tools. The session on the first Thursday is to finish up the previous project or work on your own project.

There are two other wire wrapping classes held throughout the year. These are for the beginner wire wrapper.  If you have not wire wrapped in the past the first class you should sign up for is “Tools Loops and Links”. The next class is “Beginning Wire Wrapping”. These two classes teach the basics so you do not feel lost at the monthly sessions.

Be sure to check out our blog (News and Events) for news, upcoming events, and examples of past projects of the Wire Wrapping and Jewelry Making SIG.

Articles of interest about wire wrapping are: