TVGMS Member Showcase

Welcome to the page where we can share examples of work from our members. You will find examples of cabochons, finished jewelry from our silversmiths, wiring wrapping, mosaics, three dimensional applications and so much more!

Come back often to get inspiration whether it is about stones, settings, different techniques, etc especially as we will be adding more pictures over time.

Steps to Making a Cabochon

Our members created a display on the steps involved in making a cabochon. Starting with a raw stone/rock, moving left to right, the rock is slabbed, then the artisan decides what shape the final piece will have and draws it on the stone. Next the piece is cut close to the size it will be to prepare it for grinding. That piece is then ground to be a “blank”. Finally after much shaping and polishing, the raw stone has become a cabochon!

steps to making a cabochon

2021 Samples of Members’ Work

2018 Samples of Members’ Work