Snowbirds, What ‘Cha Up To?

Many of our members are Snowbirds, leaving the heat and humidity of Florida behind and heading for cooler climes “up north.”

Workshops here are less crowded, allowing people to use the machines more than during “the season.”

That being said, we miss our friends who have flown the coop and wonder what they are up to.

Stay in Touch

One way for ya’ll to stay in touch is by checking in with the group on Facebook. What’s that? You didn’t even know we had a Facebook group? Well, we sure do! It can be found here: and any of our members can post pictures of what they are up to.

So tell us what you are up to. Here’s some ideas to get those wheels turning–

  • Rockhounding trips
  • Taking a course
  • Going to a Gem & Mineral Show
  • Working in your home studio
  • Working with a Gem & Mineral Society/Group where you live
  • Watching YouTube videos to learn a new skill or improve/practice one
  • Teaching the grandkids how to do some of the cool stuff you know how to do

Of course, we want to hear from ALL of our members, not just the snowbirds!

Anyone working on something super exciting, let us know! Heck, let us know if you think it is only mildly exciting (LOL!) because you never know you you might inspire. Did you find a YouTube video that has been really helpful or sparked your creative juices? Don’t be selfish, share those deets with the group!

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