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Sept 2022 Jewelry Making SIG Class

Basics of Bead Embroidery

Note that this is a 2 part class for the Wire Wrapping Jewelry Making SIG (special interest group). Please plan on attending both sessions. Part 2 builds upon what you do in Part 1 and therefore Part 1 is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to attend Part 2.

Photo 1 above is an example of a stone without the additional rows of beads. Everyone should be able to finish this on night 1.

Photo 2 above shows the optional beads: The 3mm white beads and the next row of 8/0 beads are optional.  We will show you how to put them on at the end of the 1st class if you choose to use them.

When: Part 1 -Thursday, September 22 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

PLEASE BE ON TIME. It is always difficult for the instructor if you come in late and try to catch up. Be a little early if you want to pick out beads.

When: Part 2 – Thursday, September 29 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Where: SeaBreeze Recreation Center, Destin Room

Instructors: Susan McCauley and Diann Eilering

What will be covered:

PART 1: The purpose of the class is to expand on the class that Diann did in March and Susan did in 2021 where you bezeled a cabochon.  The focus of this class will be to attach a gemstone to backing material, bezel it and then embellish and back it to make it a beautiful piece of jewelry.  NO, the cabochon you already bezeled will not work!  AND YES, this is easier than either of those classes.

PART 2: The second part will consist of backing the piece and attaching a bail.  Criteria for Part 2:  You must have taken Part 1 to do Part 2.

You can just go anywhere with the bead embroidery technique.

Tools Required

  • Sharp Scissors (preferably with a point)
  • Beading Needle…this is not the same as a sewing needle
  • Beading Thread – Fireline 6#, Wildfire 6# or Nanofil 8# (# = pound)
  • Ruler or straight edge
  • Pencil or pen to mark foundation material
  • Beading Mat (this is a must as beads will be all over the floor if you don’t have one) 
  • Battery Operated Task Light (Optional but very helpful)

Supplies Required

  • A round or oval cabochon approx. ¾ – 1 inch in diameter –
    • no larger if you want to complete the classwork in class.
    • This can be made, purchased locally or ordered online at Amazon or any reputable supplier.
    • Cabochon should have a FLAT BACK
    • Cabochon’s will be available for purchase in class for $4 – $6 (they will be available at the Sept 1 Thursday workshop, so if you want to have first selection, be sure to come then!)
  • 11/0 or 10/0 delica beads in 2 colors that highlight the cabochon
    • These will be provided at no cost by the instructors but they may not be the color you prefer. Delica’s will be provided in a limited number of colors.
    • It is your choice on whether to buy or take a chance
  • 11/0 round (rocaille) seed beads in a color that compliments the cabochon. .  If you are at the September 1 class, you can purchase your cabochon so you will know the color.  Others should just bring a neutral color if they are purchasing the cab at the actual class.  A good neutral color is pearl or black.
  • 15/0 round (rocaille) seed beads
    • Gold and Silver will be provided.  If you want another color, you need to bring it.
  • OPTIONAL:  8/0 round seed beads or 3mm round beads.  See sample for ideas.

Additional Information


  • Pellon
  • Stiffener (Lining)
  • Backing
  • Delica Beads will be provided in a limited number of colors.
  • 15/0 Round Seed Beads in gold and silver

We don’t want you to have to go out and purchase a large quantity of these items when you will only be using a small amount of each item in the class.

Once again, please be on time or a little early for this class. Definitely be early if you want to pick out beads available from the instructor!

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