Safety Standards

Required reading for all members, it is also a good idea to refresh yourself with these rules periodically. This is especially true if you have been away from the club for a while. Thanks for helping to keep us all safe.

ALL members must read, understand, and sign the safety rules as part of the registration and annual renewal. Failure to follow the safety standards may result in loss of club privileges including use of equipment, and revocation of club membership.

You can download a copy of these safety standards to print or you may read them here. In order to download the safety standards you will need to have a PDF reader. Download a free version from AdobeAcrobat here.



Due to liability issues and recreation center policy, only home owners and renters of The Villages can become members of The Villages Gem and Mineral Society (TVGMS).  Only members are to operate TVGMS equipment.  Visitors, family friends, or anyone under the age of 50, as required by the District policies, are not allowed to operate any equipment or participate in workshops.  No children are allowed to operate any equipment at any time.  Children should be under adult supervision AT ALL TIMES while visiting.  They are not permitted to wander around the work room or storage areas.

Each member accepts the responsibility to properly care for all equipment if they choose to use it.  While attending classes, open workshops, or special sessions, members agree to abide by TVGMS rules.  Members agree to follow the directions of instructors, board members, and/or the safety officer.  All members must notify a BOARD MEMBER or TRAINER (as soon as possible) of any maintenance problem or misuse of equipment.  Members also accept the responsibility to follow TVGMS minimum safety standards listed below.

If any emergency arises where 911 must be called – DO IT IMMEDIATELY !  Do not wait for a consensus of the membership or board member approval.  After placing the call, report the call to the recreation center employees so they can take appropriate actions required by TV management.


  1. As part of our activities, pieces of wire trimmings, stone chips, and other objects could become a hazard.  Therefore:
    •  Everyone must wear eye protection (safety glasses, goggles, or a face shield) while operating equipment.
    • Comfortable closed-toe shoes should be worn.  In addition to stone chips and wire pieces being thrown, glass fragments from other groups have been found on the floor.
    • Pick up all scrap pieces of wire/stones (located anywhere) and dispose of them properly in a waste container.
  2. If you are in the workshop while equipment is being used:
    • It is recommended that ear protection is worn whenever operating machinery.
    • Long hair (including long beards) must be tied up or put in a ponytail.
    • Tuck jewelry (especially long chains) inside clothing.  Remove rings and dangling bracelets.
    • Do not wear loose clothing such as ties or scarves.
    • It is suggested to wear an apron to protect your clothes.
  3. Rock dust can be hazardous to one’s health.  Some metallic ores or other mineral specimens may contain toxic substances such as silica, uranium, lead, mercury, arsenic, asbestos, copper sulfate, etc.  Therefore:
    • Use sufficient water at all times if using grinders or polishers to minimize dust and protect the equipment.
    • It is recommended that you wear a dust mask or a dust & mist respirator.
    • Notify any individuals near you (especially if working at the same table) that you are working with potentially dangerous materials even if you choose not to wear protection from possible fumes, spray, or dust.
  4. Never attempt to operate equipment that appears unsafe, in need of repairs, or which you are not trained on.  Members who complete training on a specific piece of equipment will be certified to operate ONLY THAT PIECE OF EQUIPMENT.
    • Before turning on (or plugging in) any machine, move the wheels and/or saw blades by hand to be sure they move freely and nothing is rubbing on the guards.
    • Grinders and/or saw blades must be tight on the shafts.
    • Unplug the machine BEFORE performing maintenance or cleaning.
  5. Know where the fire alarm and the closest fire extinguisher are located.
  6. A First Aid Kit is located on a TVGMS shelf in the storage room.
  7. Store all personal tool boxes, bags, and other items either on the tables (with table clothes), under the middle of the table, or next to the walls to avoid tripping hazards.  DO NOT put your items under the ends of the tables by the aisles.
  8. If you are too short, have physical problems, or lack the necessary strength to remove or replace equipment /materials from the storage shelves, request assistance from another member.

(revised 12/3/2020)