Resources and Inspiration

Whether you are looking to identify a stone you found/bought/acquired, learn more about stones or lapidary arts through books, find supplies & tools for making jewelry, buying stones and cabochons, locate other gem & mineral societies, or you are interested in taking classes, this page is for you!

We also try to show some inspiring work on this page, so take your time and look around.

And give us suggestions if you have a favorite resource that you can’t find here.

What Stone is This? has lots of information that will be of interest to rock hounds and lapidary artists. You will find pages and articles about fossils, gems, minerals, rocks, as well as maps and other items that might pique your interest.


Want to know what that pretty stone is? You might be interested in this “Mineralien” poster that is available from Amazon.

Mineralien poster

Rough Stones

Polished Stones


Crystal Identification Chart No 5, free from


Crystal Identification Chart No 6, free from


Crystal Identification Chart No 1, free from


Crystal Identification Chart No 3, free from
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The Pocket Book of Stones by Robert Simmons, from The Crystal Healing Shop; Freely Available under The Creative Commons License. (Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-ND 3.0))

There are a variety of books on the Lapidary Arts available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the local libraries.

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Supplies and Tools

Rio Grande Jewelry Supply 

FDJ Tool

Kingsley North

Mitchell Jewelry Studio: Judy and Tom Mitchell members of TVGMS and offer a variety of tools, training, and finished products on their website.

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Training Sites and Schools

From the SFMS, Southeast Federation Mineralogical Societies, Inc:

William Holland School of Lapidary Arts

Unfortunately the classes for 2021 have been cancelled due to the ongoing Corona virus pandemic. The plan is to come back for 2022. You can check out their April 15 post on their Facebook page for the full explanation.

Wildacres Workshops

from 2021 August
Rowan Morgan – Wire Wrap
Morning Sherrod – Southwest Silver
Cindy Moore – Metal Mania
Jeff Sheer – Special Projects
Bill Harr – Casting
Jason Hamilton – Silver II/Filigree
Chuck Bruce – Silver III/Inlay II
Jerri Heer – Gem Trees
Tom Slavicek – Leather
Marilou Hillenbrand – Chain
Cindy Moore – Metal Mania
Bill Harr – Casting
Teresa Polly – Gem ID

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Other Gem and Mineral Societies of Interest

Southeast Federation of Mineralogical Societies

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Stones and Sites to Buy and Inspire

First, we can look to our members for inspiration at our new Members Showcase! They have so much experience in a wide variety of techniques, tools, stones, etc. Most are very willing to share their experience and help other members expand their skills, so don’t be shy–introduce yourself.

Some people like to buy cabochons and faceted stones and focus their efforts on silversmithing, wire wrapping and other jewelry making techniques.

Others like to look at what other people and companies offer as a means for inspiration.

Please note that we are not necessarily endorsing any of these sites, but here you go if you are interested–

Barlows Gems

The Crystal Healing Shop

This is a UK based resource. You can buy various crystals here, and they also have some great photos to give you ideas of what different crystals look like polished. Also available is the free e-book The Pocket Book of Stones by Robert Simmons


DARKLYN Rocks & Precious Gems business car

352-308-8947 * *

101 S Eustis St, Eustis, Florida 32726 * Tues-Fri 10am-5pm * Sat 10am-3pm *

Darklyn is a store owned by Wendy Davis in Eustis that has Rocks, Precious Gems and Designer Jewelry.

Please note that Wendy will take cash or a personal check with ID. Although she has posted hours, it is strongly recommended that you call before driving down there to confirm that she is open. And be sure to tell her that you heard about her store through The Villages Gem and Mineral Society!


Oak Rocks

Oak Rocks has been in business for 30 years. They offer stones, cabs, and slabs for sale. It is also a good site for information (and pictures) on various rocks we use in lapidary arts including: agates; hatoyant, iridescent stones; copper gemstones; jaspers; obsidians; other lapidary rocks, and has information about rocks from various states.

Rocks of Ages Designs, we get slabs from Teri and Ira.

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The Saul Bell Design Awards

Saul Bell Design Awards

The Saul Bell Design Award honors Rio Grande’s founder, Saul Bell, by recognizing impeccable craftsmanship and innovative design in jewelry and hollowware. Click the link above to be taken to their page where you can watch videos featuring winners from different years, or watch the 2020 winners here!