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“Christmas in October” our annual Pre-Christmas Sale

October 28, 2023 was a big day for The Villages Gem and Mineral Society as it was the first time we held our Pre-Christmas Sale at Rohan Rec Center instead of our “home” (SeaBreeze). It was also the first time the event was open to the public!

Tree of Life Pendant Results

In September Deb Delvaux taught members how to make a Tree of Life pendant. It is really fun to see how everyone was able to make their pendants with their own unique “twist”.

Wire Wrapping: The Results

Greg Vollendorf taught an encore of Basic Wire Wrapping in August. Despite the fact that Buena Vista was closed for road work, some die-hard learners came and said, “that’s a wrap”!

Basic Wire Wrapping class results
August 24, 2023 Basic Wire Wrapping Class Results

Angels, Angels…did someone hear a bell ring?

Mary McGee taught a class for the Jewelry Making and Wire Wrapping SIG in May on how to make a beautiful angel with a tear shaped cabochon and with her guidance, the students delivered!

Free Form Wire Wrapping–the Results!

Sometimes the stone you want to wear isn’t a typical cabochon. What’s one to do? Well, Nancy and Susan taught a class in February 2023 that shows some ways you can wire wrap a free form stone–with spectacular results!

Results from the Free Form Wire Wrapping Class in Feb 2023

Lotus Bud Weave–the Results!

Club members learned a new wire weaving technique thanks to Deb Delvaux. The group was very excited to learn another way to create jewelry and no doubt will be experimenting more with this one.

Lotus Bud Wire Wrapping class results

Members are Busy October 6, 2022

Thanks to Judy Mitchell for providing us with these great shots. If you are interested in downloading any of the images, Judy is graciously offering them free to members at her website:

Basic Bead Embroidery Part II was delayed because of Hurricane Ian, but the gang was busy learning and having fun

Lots of activity going on in the craft room too, including a silent auction

And look at our nice and tidy equipment storage!

August 2022 Wire Wrap Bead Connections Class

On August 25, Nancy taught a class on making connections–and connect they did! Nice work, everyone!

May 2022 Intermediate Wire Wrapping Class

Wire Wrapping Class students' work
Mary McGee taught 18 students during the Intermediate Wire Wrapping Class, May 26. These are about half the results. The students wrapped around the room as Mary came through and gave additional one-on-one help as we learned new skills.

Feb 2022 Annual Artisan Show

The following photos are from our members, Judy and Tom Mitchell

And some more photos!

Beginning Wire Wrapping Class, Feb 24, 2022

23 members attended the Beginning Wire Wrapping Class taught by Greg Vollendorf. Just about everyone was able to finish their project and the results are fantastic!

Coiled Beaded Bracelet Class, Jan 27, 2022

Nancy Buettner taught a class on making Coiled and Beaded Bracelets for the SIG this month. 15 members attended and everyone was so pleased with the results!

Holiday Earrings Class, Dec 2, 2021

Deb Delvaux led a quick class which empowered several members to make earrings for the holidays!

The results from the holiday earring class!
Deb Delvaux teaching holiday earring class 2021
holiday earring class 2021 working and socializing
Creating, learning, and yes, socializing are all part of the Jewelry Making SIG!

Cocktail Ring Making Class Oct 28 2021

Carey Beasley taught a class on how to make a cocktail ring–check out the amazing creations by the group!

Cocktail Rings made during Class Oct 2021

More 2021 Projects Finished!

Nancy Buettner taught two classes this summer–and here are some of the results! Awesome job, everyone.

Wire Wrapping Classes Every Month with our SIG

Every month the Wire Wrapping and Jewelry Making Special Interest Group has a different class so members can learn a variety of techniques for their stone work or stones they have purchased

2021 Member and Equipment Pics from Judy Mitchell

Thanks to Judy for these pictures of our members and equipment

Spring 2021 SeaBreeze Craft Room Display Case

April 2021 gave our members the opportunity to put some of their hard work and talents on display.

Spring 2021 SeaBreeze Display Case

2020 Lapidary Arts Workshops Continued following COVID safety protocols

Dec. 3, 2020 Holiday Earrings Class

October 2020 Byzantine Weave

In October, 2020 Michael McCauley taught a class on how to create a Byzantine Weave bracelet

Various Wire Wrapping – Jewelry Making Events in 2020

2020 Artisan Show

What takes lots of Society Members as vendors and volunteers and brings in folks from around the country? The annual Artisan Show!

2019 Lapidary Arts Workshops

2019 Wire Wrapping Jewelry Making SIG

2018 SeaBreeze Craft Room Display Case

Steps to Making a Cabochon

steps to making a cabochon

2018 Wire Wrapping and Jewelry Making SIG at work…er…play!

2018 Lapidary Arts Workshops