Bead Bezeled Cabachons from Susan McCauley

June 24 Jewelry Making Class

How to Bezel a Cabochon with Beads

On Thursday, June 24, Susan McCauley will be teaching a jewelry making class: How to Bezel a Cabochon with Beads. 

Bead Bezeled Cabachons from Susan McCauley

Supplies Needed and Comments from Susan:

  • A Round or Oval Cabochon – Approximate SIZE:  23mm X 32mm – Obviously that is to give you an estimate.  If you go really big, it will take you much longer to finish it.  It should also have a nice girdle…sort of deep and a flat back – These are all guides and do not need to be exact.  Most of you probably have cabochons but if you don’t you can buy them online, from someone in the club or I will have some available to purchase at the class.
  • 2 colors of Size 10/0 Delica Beads.  These can be purchased at The Bead Strand in Ocala, The Beaded Garden on Rt. 301 or on Amazon or Etsy.  If you are experienced in beadweaving, you can use Size 11/0 but I DO NOT recommend them for Beginners.  Beginner beaders should use 10/0 and they look beautiful.
  • Beading needle and a bead mat.  I will bring extra bead mats if you don’t have one. 
  • Size 15/0 beads.  I will have 15/0’s available for you to use so you do not have to buy them unless you want something that exactly matches your stone or beads.  I usually use gold or silver in the area (inside top and inside bottom) that uses the 15/0’s and I will have plenty of those available. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me (954)-SIX-32-0725 or email me SusanPetTherapy (at) gmail (dot) com

[Phone number and email have been modified to protect Susan from internet robots. Humans, simply replace the “SIX” with ‘6’ and (at) with @ (no spaces) and (dot) com with ‘.com’]

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