Help Needed–Workshops at Risk!

(updated May 24, 2021)

Workshop Greeters and Monitors are Needed

Friendly Greeters and Monitors

In order to safely and efficiently hold our workshops during the current pandemic, the Board has instituted two positions that need to be filled for each workshop. We are asking all members to sign up for a shift to help keep the workshops open for everyone.

If the signup sheet for Greeters and Monitors is empty, the workshops will not be held.

Meet Your Volunteer Commitment

Each member of The Villages Gem and Mineral Society has agreed to put in a minimum of 3 hours of volunteer service to the group. This is one way that you can meet that commitment.

With more than 100 members in our club, we should not have a problem with a lack of people to sign up for one or two shifts.

Greeter’s Role and Responsibilities

Update: This job has gotten even easier! Any member, including newbies and help the group out by being a Greeter!

In accordance with revised CDC guidelines, at this time we are no longer requiring temperature checks and/or masks be worn by vaccinated individuals, either members or visitors to the group. We ask that anyone who is not yet fully vaccinated to please wear a mask. Any member or visitor may wear a mask even if they are vaccinated if they so choose.

  • We ask that Greeters sign up for a full four-hour shift. Yes, that means you might not be able to get any work done during that particular workshop, but this single shift fulfills your annual commitment.
  • The Greeter will welcome our members as they come in, as well as any visitors
  • Greeters will collect the $1.00 workshop fee from all attendees.
  • Equipment sign up sheets are also at this table.
  • Greeters will take the temperature of anyone who wants to enter our workshop space
  • Greeters will make sure that anyone coming into the workshop is wearing a mask, and provide them (the club provides them) if the person does not have their own mask.

Monitor’s Role and Responsibilities

safety glasses example
  • Monitors are currently working a 2 hour shift. That means we need 2 volunteers per workshop, but it also allows you to get your own work done during the workshop. This single shift fulfills 2/3 of your service commitment to the group.
  • The primary function of the Monitor is to look out for the safety of our members and our equipment, for example
    • members are wearing safety glasses
    • everyone in the room is wearing a mask
    • CabKing water buckets are amply filled
  • Monitors with specific equipment familiarity will be asked to watch machine usage

Thank You for Supporting Your Club

sign: You are important

Thank you in advance for everyone’s willingness to pitch in and help out the club. By each of us contributing a little, we can ensure that no one person has to bear too much of the load. After all, the goal of The Villages Gem and Mineral Society is to have fun and create some great pieces!

Thanks also to the many members who contribute in so many ways to keep this organization going! We know that many of you put in many more than your 3 hours a year, and it does not go unnoticed.

Also, please remember to complete your volunteer hours sheet to ensure you get credit for your service!

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