Meeting Reminder

Feb 1 Workshop and Meeting Schedule

The first Thursday of the month is a busy time for all members of The Villages Gem and Mineral Society with something for each and every person. See you there!

Jewelry Making

Jewelry Making Special Interest Group 6-7:30pm — HELP NEEDED

We are looking for someone to lead this group. Please note, you do NOT have to be an expert at Jewelry Making or Wire Wrapping. We need someone (or more than one someone) who is interested in learning more about these skills who can encourage others in learning and hopefully organize some trainings.

Short Workshop 5-7pm

As usual, prior to the business meeting the craft room will be open for us to work on our stones for 2 hours.

Workshop Greeter

5:30-7pm New members session in the Crescent Beach Room

This is a Welcoming session and registration for our newest members.

7:30-8:50pm Business Meeting

Please download a copy of the minutes of the January Meeting and the agenda for Thursday’s meeting.

BTW: If you want to see past minutes or an agenda from any meeting in the last year, you can see them on the business documents page.


Last, but not least, we always close out the monthly business meeting with “Chinese Auction”–and there are always some great goodies so don’t cut out early or you will lose out.

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