Faceting Training

faceted gem

Another activity that many members of The Villages Gem and Mineral Society enjoy is faceting gems. Experienced members train those who are interested in how to create a variety of faceted items.

On this page we provide the basic information that anyone who wants to learn how to facet gems will need as part of their training. Please, if you are training with TVGMS on gem faceting, be sure to download the pdfs and print them out for your reference.

Faceting Gems This is a 6 page pdf that has lots of the basics for learning faceting and is required reading for all those interested in this art.

Gemstone Refractive Indices (alphabetical order)

Gemstone Refractive Indices (numerical order)

Graves Mark IV setup

Graves Mark IV faceting procedures

Raytech Faceting Machine Installation

Raytech Faceting Machine Instructions

USFG Faceting Diagrams

UltraTec V2R Manual

We also have information articles available for you to read:

Advanced Faceting Designs

Cleopatra’s Eye

This example was cut by our Ray Morton from a faceting design by Bob Keller in 1999.

Ray shot a video which provides an even bigger impact–you can see that video on our blog post.