Mona Lisa wearing a face mask

Important COVID Mask Protocol

It is the policy of The Villages Gem and Mineral Society that face masks (not face shields or neckerchiefs) must be worn at all times and social-distancing is expected. We are committed to the safety of all members!

face masks for COVID-19

The Board has received some feedback regarding our restart of the workshops and proper face covering for COVID protection.

We have had to remind several people that masks must cover both your mouth and nose to be effective.

We also have had a couple of members come in wearing face coverings other than a mask. Plastic face shields, bandanas, and neck gators have been shown to be much less effective in reducing potential germ spreading than a face mask that securely covers your lower face and per your Board’s decision, are not acceptable alternatives

“N95 masks proved the most effective, allowing no droplets to escape. Handmade cotton masks were about as effective as surgical masks, both blocking a substantial amount of droplets. Bandanas and breathable neck gaiters ranked least effective, emitting a higher droplet count than control tests involving no masks.”

Again, it is most critical that we protect all members who have not had access to COVID-19 vaccines.

Mona Lisa wearing a face mask

As long as the CDC “highly recommends” the use of face masks, we will make it mandatory that anyone entering either a workshop or a class wears a face mask.

As a reminder, the CDC’s guidelines for effective face masks should:

Fit snug but comfortably over the nose and the mouth
Be secured with ear loops or ties
Not restrict your breathing
Be able to be washed without damage and change in shape

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,


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