Beaded Connections Oct 26 2023 SIG Class

Beaded Connections: Oct SIG Class

Beaded Connection Technique

When: Thursday, Oct 26, 2023 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Where: SeaBreeze Recreation Center, Destin Room

Instructor: Nancy Buettner

What will be covered: Learn to make “wrapped-loop” beaded connections. These beaded connections can be used to make earrings, bracelets, and necklaces—“A Must-Know Basic Technique”

Please note the pictures above are EXAMPLES of what you can create with the beaded connections technique. The circled images on the right are different ways the same technique can look. Everyone’s project will be unique based on the beads you choose (size, type and number).

We will NOT be making the specific items shown in the pictures during this class. Some of you will be able to complete a project during the class; especially if you choose to make earrings or a bracelet. Whether you finish that night or not, you will be able to apply what you learn to create numerous pieces later.

A finished example of a necklace that uses the beaded connection technique

Above is another example of a finished necklace that uses the beaded connection technique

Using a beaded connection at a pendant

Above is a close up, showing a beaded connection to the pendant. The stone was wire wrapped during an earlier class taught by Mary McGee.

The picture above is a close up that shows using the beaded connection technique at a clasp. In this case it is the necklace shown earlier, but it could also be used on a bracelet.

Tools Required

  • Wire cutters
  • Round-nose Pliers
  • Bent-nose Pliers or Chain-nose Pliers
  • Flat-nose Pliers
  • Bead Mat
  • Black Fine Point Sharpie for marking round-nose pliers

Supplies Required

Wire: Approximately 4” of wire per bead

22 gauge round wire (for 6mm or 8mm beads)

24 gauge- Round wire (for 3 mm or 4mm beads)

Beads: Glass, crystal or stone beads. 3mm, 4mm, 6mm or 8mm

The number of beads required depends on what you will be making, such as earrings, a bracelet or necklace. Other considerations are the size of the bead(s), your wrist size, the length of the necklace.

Additional Information

there will be limited number of loaner tools available

As always, it is important to be at the class on time.

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