Wire Wrap Bead Connections necklace and earrings

August Jewelry Making SIG Class Reminder

Hopefully everyone had a nice summer break and you are excited to get back to learning new skills with the Wire Wrapping and Jewelry Making SIG (Special Interest Group). The August class is Wire Wrap Bead Connections taught by Nancy Buettner, Thursday August 24 6pm – 8:30pm in the Destin Room.

This is a class that can provide you with hours of jewelry making using your imagination to come up with different ways of using the connections.

One of the first uses that comes to mind is to make a chain to carry the Wire Wrapped Pendant that you made in Mary McGee’s class in May. Here’s an example to get you inspired–

Wire Wrap Bead Connections pendant using May project
The wire wrapped cabochon is not provided

Another way to use this technique is for the beaded bezel stone you created in March with Diann Eilering. Or you can create a necklace to finish your wire wrapped stone from Greg’s class in February.

AND you can always just bring some beads and make a beautiful beaded necklace.

You get the idea–this is a technique that can be used in so many ways.

For a list of the materials and tools that you will need for this class, please refer to the original post b clicking here: https://tvgemandmineralsociety.com/august-wire-wrapping-sig-class/

More Classes to Finish 2022

You can always see what is coming up by looking at the website. Whether you are on the home page or looking at another page, in the right hand column you will see the Jewelry Making SIG class schedule under this heading:

On the schedule for September is a 2-part class on the basics of bead embroidery. October we’ll have another wire-wrapping class, this time we’ll learn how to make a lotus bud for a round stone. Then it will be time for a Christmas project–yet to be announced.

And speaking of Christmas, all of these classes are great ways to learn how to make jewelry for gifts for the holidays, and all year long.

Basic Wire Wrapping Tools

Many people don’t have their own wire wrapping tools. While we do have some loaners, we don’t have enough to go around for everyone. There is nothing like having your own set of tools, and if you are going to continue to take classes we encourage you to get your own. And of course, if you want to practice your skills or even learn on your own, you will want to pick up a set.

A good basic set should include 5 different types of pliers–each with their own specific uses and a pair of flush cutters.

wire wrapping tools 3 different sets of pliers
Chainnose pliers, bentnose pliers, flatnose pliers
Wire wrapping tools: 2 more types of pliers
roundnose pliers, nylon-jaw pliers
Wire wrapping tools: flush cutters
flush cutters
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